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1st November 2022 01:33:44 AM | Views: 341
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  1. news for PlayStation 5: for the first time since its launch, a user has managed to jailbreak the console. Or what is the same, they have managed to get through their security systems and hack the console. As Lance McDonald, a modder who has broken Sony’s security system, has shown , in order to install unauthorized software on the aforementioned.
  2. As he has shown through his Twitter account, the aforementioned Lance McDonald showed how he has executed the jailbreak through which he went through the PS5 defenses . In the video he shows that he has installed versions of games that, under normal circumstances, should not be available.
  3. The highlight, without a doubt, is that it manages to run a PlayStation 4 .PKG format file . This would be something like a kind of backup copy of a game, which would be the demo of the well-known PT, the Silent Hill game that was never published.
  4. PS5 jailbreak only works on specific models depending on the firmware
  6. Nonetheless, this first PS5 jailbreak is still very, very limited . For example, it can only be installed and run on consoles with firmware version 4.03 or lower. If a more advanced version is available (this version is dated October 2021), the jailbreak does not work . Also, even if it is used, it does not always work, requiring several attempts. The same thing happens with PS5 whose version is lower.
  7. At the moment the community has reacted with all kinds of comments, generating a quite complex debate. For its part, PlayStation has not commented on the matter. No comment is expected, at least for now, although there are many who are warning others of something very specific: any modification of these characteristics on a PS5 could not only be illegal, but would also leave any type of game out of the game. warranty.