Mrs Patterson Part 2

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  1. and for the next weeks we fucked with a passion and loved each other deeply. My 900 Photos had totaled to almost 2000 and more. that big juicy phat butt was mine. luckily her husband and my family did not know about me and Jenny's sexual life. we made sure of it. mostly due to the fact no one really seemed to care about what me and jenny did at the time. How Jennifer kept her phat butt was another story she jogs often which most of the time i would join her once we were done jogging we knew of a secret places we could have sex one was a wooded area another was area was a alley way that had a shed. me and Mrs Patterson wanted to make something extreme so we got on a flight to a Mexican resort.
  2. During the flight i was supper horny my penis was hard and jenny couldn't help but rub it. she slowly proceeded to suck it while everyone was asleep and a good thing we were way in the back of the plane. when we landed in mexico we got into our hotel room locked the doors closed the curtains. Mrs Patterson had on some nice tight track pants i teased her with my cock buy poking her ass with my cock she got so aroused she wanted to grind her ass on my dick and i let her. but it wasn't enough to fill our craving we decided to go to a village there was this area no one knew off. she got done and proceeded to suck my dick. i felt pleasure.i grabbed her head and proceeded to have her deep throat me she gagged on my cock she tried to pull away to catch her breath i brought her head back forcibly finally i cummed. she pulled her head back and coughed she laughed jokingly and said fuck me through my panties! i pulled down her pants and we did it doggy style she enjoyed it and moaned we literally fucked for about two hours. we got back to our hotel room and fucked one final time in another country and went back to the states. me and jenny still felt empty we needed something..
  3. jenny bought literally tight fitting pants,skirts,shorts and booty shorts it worked. Jenny was at her home her kids spent the summer at her mothers her husband was a office jockey. i would often go over there to have sex with Mrs Patterson. we continued our secret life through the summer. Jenny also had some other nice features some very nice Thighs to go with her Phat bubble butt. her as was mine and no one else's. we decided to have sex at the school to keep the secret in the classroom where it all began. she did some roleplaying to make it more exciting and it worked. I Got all the ass from her i could want. in many different outfits along with photos of her ass and those tighs of hers. The Football game. There was a football game which meant a perfect time to get rid of this erection i had me and jenny bailed and drove to a corn field miles away. we parked in area. grabbed her phat butt and started to squeeze it she removed my pants i bent her over the hood of the car i inserted my cock slowly and fucked her at a slow pace then started to build up speed finally i was going full fast force and cummed inside of her she moaned the entire time luckily there was no one around to hear or notice us. we drove back to the game in time without anyone noticing. Mrs Patterson noticed me walking home and asked if i needed a lift i accepted and we delayed getting home on time we stopped outside behind a spot by the stadium near the highschool and we had sex in the car i couldn't get enough of her it was like an addiction i loved every minute of that ass of hers. she was on a trip to the city and offered me if i wanted to "visit" some places of interest i accepted and during the way we drove we found a spot and did our thing. we stopped in a small quite town and parked by the grain elevator. there we got out of the car and we found a nice spot to fuck. she had on a cowboy hat flannel shirt and tight booty shorts which made my erection rise faster. i cut a hole in the shorts and inserted my cock into her she cried out loud OH YES FUCK ME GOOD then she got on her knees and sucked my dick i was filled with joy oh Mrs..P..Patterson Y..You Suck my dick good lick a pro.. i finally gave her a facial and she licked it all up. then she wanted me to give her rough anal fucking which i did and she let out a series of moans and she would say OH YES YES OH YES ITS SO GOOD YES. I Finally cummed again we both cleaned up and drove back to town. The following day. Jenny went shopping for some stuff and i decided to cruise around town and there i saw it Jenny's car i walked into the store sneaking into the laddies changing room and luckily there was a glory hole my cock bumped into jenny's ass she was startled but couldn't resist a freebie so she proceeded to suck my dick she went deep. then she stopped did she leave? then i felt her ass on my cock and i then started to pound her on the otherside of the changing room was jenny's rival teacher Mrs Bates she was about to expose us when i convinced her to join in on our fun she rejected but couldn't stop but notice the hot sight that was going on infront of her she finally joined in. i finally had to nice pieces of ass Mrs Patterson and Mrs Bates both where taking turns sucking my dick. Mrs Bates was wearing a skirt along with pantyhose i ripped off her skirt and made a hole in her pantyhose and inserted my cock in her ass she let out a moan jenny had brought a strapon with her and she shoved the strapon penis in Mrs Bates mouth together the two of us pounded Mrs Bates till we were exhausted. the store had closed by then and we managed to escape out the fire escape. the following day Mrs Bates was now a part of my sex life. she and jenny would often meet me at private hideouts to have sex. Mrs Bates build was the same as Mrs Patterson except she had a big booty and had sexy curves and nice thighs. the three of us had sex almost every day.
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