Medical test

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  1. It is a short one but it intrigued me like it is.
  3. Sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called back for my tests. They are going to check the blood flow in my legs.
  5. It is already 30 minutes past my appointment time and I think I have checked out the butts of most of the Nurses going to get lunch. The door opens and and a vision steps out and calls my name. "Mr Carter, Mr Jason Carter. "
  6. "UH That's me." I struggled with my cane to get up out of the chair to follow her.
  8. A little about me, I am a senior citizen. 5'9'' and a bit over weight 258#. Most everything works although I have not used most of it for awhile. Like my little man. My wife and I didn't get together anymore. He did start to stir while I was following an enticing pair of buttocks. I began to remember At one time I was proud of my nine inches. But with the wife ailing I had almost forgotten.
  10.  Her name, from her name tag, was Heather. She looked to be in her early thirties. Her boobs were nice and round and reminded me of half grapefruits. Sandy blond hair and lips that were meant for pleasure.
  12. She directed me to a room down the hall. "Okay Mr Carter," she handed me a gown, "Remove your outside shorts and keep on your underwear and put on the gown. "
  14. "UH Heather... I don't have on underwear?"
  16. She smiled , "I guess we will have to make do."
  18. She stepped out of the room while I changed.
  19. When she returned she had me lay on my back on the examining table and raised the end of the table for comfort.
  21. She explained what she would be doing. "I will be starting on the right side at your groin. Then going all the way to your feet. Then switching to the left side and repeating. That will be for the arteries, Next will be the same for the veins. And lastly the doctor wants mapping done. This is all done with the ULTRASOUND."
  23. Heather grabbed the right side of the gown and started rolling it up to give access to my groin area. I think she had forgotten that I was not wearing underwear and she was beginning to roll my little man up also. Not being used to being handled lately my cock began to swell a little bit.
  25. She began her test by putting the Ultra sound wand in my groin. She pressed hard enough I jumped. Heather was concerned and apologized . She continued with no other problems although there were a few pressure points that were a bit uncomfortable.
  27. "Okay we are going to do the left side." Heather began rolling up the gown for groin access. Only problem My cock had always lain to my left side. Again she was inadvertently massaging my cock and what she thought was all gown was cock.
  29. She attempted to test my groin but my cock plopped in that direction. After a few tries she apologized and said she would be right back. She left the room... a few minutes later she reentered with a small Asian nurse following.
  31. "Mr Carter this is Lena she is going to assist for the rest of the tests."
  32. Lena was a doll with coal black hair, A cup breasts and a tasty looking ass and a tiny waist.
  34. Heather sat back down in her chair and Lena came around to my right side. Heather says, "Okay."
  35. Lena reached out and grasped my cock and pulled it over to the right allowing Heather to complete that part of the test..
  37. I looked up at Lena's face, she looked like she was in a daze as she stared at the head of my cock peeping out of the gown. Lena was also licking her lips. Even though it wasn't needed to be held once Heather was passed my knee. Lena never turned loose of my cock.
  39. I never complained.
  41. Heather then repeated the process for the veins and Lena held on.
  43. Now the mapping was different. I had to stand up from the table. Heather raised the table till it snuggled up to my butt I was resting comfortable. I raised my right foot upon a small step. Heather had to straddle my leg to be able to add pressure on occasion.
  45. "Okay Lena." Lena reached out to grasp my 9" wonder, The gown fell clear just as Heather turned her head to speak. My cock raised up and hit Heather right in the mouth. I don't know if it was instinct but momentarily she sucked the head right in.
  47. Just as quick, with a red face, she spit it back out. And Lena grabbed on to it again.
  48. Throughout the mapping their were times when Heather had to lean forward. I don't know if it was deliberate or not but Lena would move my cock so it hit Heather in the face
  50. By the time the test was over they were both giggling.
  52. Heather said, " Lena will help you get dressed and I will be right back."
  53. Lena followed her to the door and locked it behind her. She turned around and smiled while reaching out to grasp my cock..
  55. Before I could move she sucked my cock into her mouth. I would never have believed it but this tiny girl took my 9" cock all the way down till her nose was buried in my pubic hair. I didn't want to waste a load down her throat. I wanted to be snuggled up to her fine ass.
  57. I pulled her up, spun her around, pulled down her pants. Pushed her till she was stretched over the table and I mounted her. I pumped into her with as much force and speed as I could muster. I bottomed out and just held on to her hips. I took pleasure in feeling the fiery furnace wrapped around my cock. Then I felt her begin to move... I stayed still and just let her work her butt. When I felt her speed up I slammed into her she began to make mewling sounds then she reached orgasm. I pulled out.
  59. I had not blown my load. At my age I figured once was all I was good for and I was hoping for Heather. But just in case I got dressed. Lena straightened her clothes an unlocked the door.
  61. Heather was waiting outside the door. Well Mr Carter are you ready for your second appointment. I was a bit perplexed since she had already told me the Mapping was my second appointment. I followed her into another room. She locked the door. Grabbed a hold of my shorts and pulled them down.
  62. My cock slapped her in the face she guided it into her mouth and sucked and licked the entire length. She smiled and said I can taste Lena. I slipped my hands under blouse and squeezed those titties I had been trying to see all afternoon. They were so smooth and had the tiniest nipples.. I pulled out of her mouth and lifted her on to the table. I sat in the chair with rollers and rolled up to where I could get her legs over my shoulders.
  64. Then I dove in to her smooth shaven muff. I licked her outer lips occasionally slipping my tongue inside her slit.. After lavishing her outer lips I gave her a coast to coast lick stopping momentarily at each hole. It was time I slid my tongue in her slit seeking and searching for that love bump. I found it and sucked her clit inside my mouth. I sucked till she was bouncing off the table.
  66. Once she had had her second orgasm I raised up and ran the head of my cock upand down her slit. Everytime my head would near her slit she would push forward trying to capture it. Finally I allowed it to slip inside her. OOH she was so tight I tried to go slow but she was demanding so I rammed it home. She was moaning and had tears in her eyes. I rested once I was deep inside her just basking in the smoothness and the radiant heat. Her tiny movements was causing a desire to move … fast. I began to pound her pussy as hard as possible. I could wait no longer. I opened the flood gates and blasted inside her. Almost instantly she caught up with me and bathed my cock with her nectar.
  68. We cleaned each other up and she escorted me to the checkout desk. Heather told the checkout person I needed a followup with her in two weeks.
  69.  Something to look forward to.
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