The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 20)...

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  1. For instance, try saying that you're a lesbian."
  3. "I'm a lesbian," said Laura hesitantly. And then squeaked. The words set off an electrical shock in her collar, causing her throat muscles to constrict, and then a moment later another painful shock went through her cunt. The surprise made Laura release her bladder a little, and a thin trickle of piss ran down her leg.
  5. Royce looked delighted. "It interfaces with your vaginal chip," he explained. "Isn't it great?"
  7. Laura did not think it was great. "How do I get it off?" she asked, pawing at it.
  9. "You don't until the training is done," said Royce. "I mean, I suppose you could cut through it or something but then we'd have to discharge you from the program."
  11. "Please take the collar off," Laura begged, but she was rewarded by another painful shock in her neck and twat. She felt herself starting to cry.
  13. "Yeah, you'll find that most ways of asking people to help you remove the collar are forbidden words," Royce explained. "You'll also want to be careful how loud you cry. Loud noises are kind of an angry dyke noise to make, so it works like an anti-barking collar for dogs and shocks you if you raise your voice. It'll help you be a quiet little hetero."
  15. Royce led the sniffling Laura to the machines room, where Amy waited. Amy complimented Laura on how pretty her new collar looked, and Laura thanked her. Then Amy explained that they were moving on to cunt training for Laura. It was going to be just like the oral training - she would be encouraged to stuff her cunt and punished for having it empty. They strapped her into the machine they had first used, earlier in Laura's training, except this time there were no dildos, just Laura naked and restrained with her legs spread.
  17. A movie started for Laura to watch. As usual it was a series of big titted bimbos. The camera focused on their shaved cunts. The first cunt was wet and the bitch's legs were spread. Text on screen read "Good cunt". Laura felt a touch on her own spread twat and looked down as best she could. To her surprise, Amy was kneeling between Laura's legs and, as Laura watched, she began to lightly lick Laura's cunt. Being eaten out by the gorgeous girl was a wet dream for Laura, and she wiggled her hips eagerly.
  19. The next image was closed legs and a dry cunt. The text read "feminist". Suddenly Amy stopped licking, and a thick leather strap whistled down, swung by a robot arm, and whipped Laura hard across the tits. Laura screamed as it hit her titflesh, then squealed again, quieter, as electric shocks in her neck and pussy punished her for her volume. The blow left her tits in fiery agony.
  21. Laura rebelled. They were training her to dislike the word feminist? What did that have to do with her sexual orientation? But then the next picture appeared - a big titted pink haired woman on all fours, her legs apart and her cunt aroused, with the legend "obedient bitch" and Amy started licking her cunt again. Laura forgot her objections, her drug-assisted sluttiness taking control.
  23. The next girl was a good one too, sitting on a public bus in the nude with her legs spread and her pussy dripping - "well behaved twat" read the words - and Amy kept licking - but the next one was a scowling woman wearing unappealing cunt-concealing cotton panties with her thighs clamped together. "Independent woman" read the text, and again the licking stopped so Laura could be whipped across her vulnerable udders.
  25. The images continued. Girls with wet pussies displayed by spread legs were pretty whores and good kittens and beautiful fucktoys and they got Laura's cunt licked. Girls with dry twats, or their legs together, or wearing panties were ugly dykes and smelly feminists and disobedient women, and they each earned Laura a belt across the tits. The word "woman" in particular was used so often that Laura soon became apprehensive of it, and began preferring "slut" and "bitch" in her mind over using "woman". She would later learn that "woman" was one of the words her collar would shock her for saying out loud.
  27. She came twice from Amy's tongue during this sequence, despite the pain in her tits. But it wasn't over yet. A second sequence started, this time focusing on cocks. Cunts would be shown being fucked, inviting cocks, with cocks nearby, or sometimes with no penis to be seen. Now they were accompanied by entire statements. "I am a good little cockholster" read one pussy with a long dick sliding into it. "I was made for raping" said another with cum dripping from an engorged twat around the sides of the thick cock stuffing it. "I believe in consent" accompanied a frowning naked woman attempting to cover her twat and tits as she backed away from a man, and of course this gave Laura a tit whipping. The next showed the same woman's beaver being penetrated by the man's dick with the text "I am a good little cocktoy" and it made Amy resume licking.
  29. The deeper and harder the woman on screen was being fucked, the faster Amy would lick. Laura orgasmed three more times before the sequence ended. As the images stopped and Amy backed away from her cunt, Laura noticed that she'd again been videotaped.
  31. "Thank you Amy for licking my pussy," Laura said out of habit, then squealed as she got a shock.
  33. "Pussy is a dyke word, honey. So is vagina. You're not allowed to say them anymore."
  35. "Thank you Amy for licking my cunt," Laura hazarded, and sighed with relief when the was no shock. "And thank you for filming me and thank you for hurting my tits."
  37. "Tits" produced another shock. Laura tried again with "boobs" and "udders", receiving a shock for each, before remembering her weekend on the tit chain and trying a better word. "Thank you Amy for hurting my fuckballoons;" she said, and there was blessedly no pain.
  39. "Good slut," said Amy as she released Laura. "Now clean your twat and put some clothes on. You look like a whore."
  41. Laura obediently cleaned herself by wiping her cunt with her hands and then licking her hands, and then dressed.
  43. Amy had one further surprise for Laura. "Take Wednesday off work" she said. "We are having some workmen sent to your house to add some stuff to help your training."
  45. "What?" asked Laura. "Why?"
  47. "You're thinking with your cunt right now so you can't understand even if I told you. Just be home on Wednesday."
  49. .....
  50. On Tuesday, Laura had to make some phone calls. She didn't normally work at the office on Tuesdays but she had been told by Alistair to come in and work the Tuesday and Wednesday mornings this week anyway, so she could attend her "counselling sessions" anyway. He clearly just didn't want to go without ejaculating on her for two whole days. Laura was supposed to be working at the Pretty Titty instead, but that job didn't start until lunchtime so it shouldn't be a problem. She was going to need to ask for Wednesday off from both jobs.
  52. The Pretty Titty turned out to be easy. She phoned her manager, Edgar, and he agreed to let her off for the day. He wasn't pleased she was asking for time off so soon, but given that she'd started at such short notice on the weekend he was prepared to give her a chance.
  54. Alistair was less inclined to be generous, and Laura had to ask him for Wednesday off in person. She made the request as she knelt naked in his office, holding the laminated picture of her twat. (Looking at it reminded her of last night and made her think "good cunt".)
  56. "Wednesday off?" said Alistair. "But you'll miss your counselling session, and probably slide even further into slutty behaviour." He winked. "And what will you give me for it if I let you get away with this?"
  58. Laura already had an answer. "Pictures of Erica," she said. She still had the ones she'd sent to her abuser stored on her phone. She'd been saving them for when she wanted to avoid Alistair cumming on her face, but this would have to do. She showed him the photos of Erica, naked, masturbating and pissing.
  60. Alistair began stroking his dick immediately. "Damn, your girlfriend is almost as much of a slut as you, Laura. Email them to me and we have a deal."
  62. Laura hastily emailed them from her phone as Alistair masturbated in her direction. Then Alistair instructed her to lick the image of her cunt again while she fingered her pussy.
  64. Laura had hoped Alistair might cum on the photo again like yesterday but instead he deliberately ejaculated onto Laura's face, and then told Laura to stop masturbating before she could reach her own climax. Laura cleaned her face as best she could through the process of transferring the sticky globs of cum to her mouth and rubbing the rest into her skin, and then started her normal daily work.
  66. The thing that bothered Laura most was that sitting there at her desk, knowing that there was cum on her face, and that people could see her… it felt normal.
  68. (To be continued.)
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