Summer School Part 6

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  1. When your dad was alive, we were very open about sex and yes we tried anal sex. I found it to be very sexy and I enjoyed it very much. Anal sex though is kind of like sex for the sake of sex and not really sex for the sake of love making. That’s ok though because sometimes we need sex for just sex. Do you understand?"
  3. Cindy was shocked her mom had a penis up her bum. She was at a cross between picturing this in her mind as something gross or something quite hot. "Yeah, don’t worry mom. I wouldn’t want you blabbing to your friends about what I’m saying right now either. Does it hurt?"
  5. "Yes Cindy. Probably more than losing your virginity and it takes a few times before it stops hurting completely. A man has to make sure he uses a lot of lubricant because your butt doesn’t produce its own like your vagina does." She paused to le Cindy absorb this information and then asked her to continue. "Back to Daryl and you though sweety."
  7. Cindy to a deep breath and thought what the heck. Nothing to hide now. "Well, after we looked at the book and came home, I got real curious again and asked Daryl if we could maybe just look at each other naked. It really was my idea. Daryl is still kind of shy about stuff. Anyway, we ended up taking our cloths off and it was funny because he was staring so hard at my body that he forgot to get undressed himself. I had to remind him we were doing this together." She giggled.
  9. Cindy’s mom was now actually enraptured by her daughter’s description of the situation. She was also humored by Daryl’s frozen state and giggled along with Cindy.
  11. "When he pulled off his underwear, his penis was sticking out like a pole. Oh god mom, it looked so big. I mean I wasn’t scared or anything, but I sure can’t see it going inside of me! I did kind of like it though….is that bad?"
  15. Cindy’s mom shook her head. "No it’s not bad to like an erect penis at all honey. They’re actually kind of great to see. Oh sure, at first they look kind of scary I guess, but they’re just a body part, and quite a necessary one. Did you feel him?"
  17. "First he kind of kissed my boob and flicked his tongue over my nipple. God, I’m embarrassed here. I just loved the feelings I got when he did that. I got sooo wet down there. I could have stayed there forever but I said we should shower before we explored any more. We were both sweaty from riding our bikes and I didn’t want to (she looked bashful) smell bad. In the shower he let me look closer at his thing and then he reached around and held me from behind me from behind in a hug with his hands rubbing my boobs. Mom…I needed to push back on him with my butt. I don’t know why, but I just needed too. He all of a sudden said he was going to have an orgasm so I turned around to watch. Oh My God! His thing just exploded. His stuff flew to out my tummy and some even hit my boob! It was real warm and kind of looked like paste. Mom…does it always shoot out like that?"
  19. "Most of the time honey. It can be especially powerful if a man is really horny and excited and hasn’t cum in a long time. With Daryl, this was all new to him too, and he was likely very excited. Did you feel his cum? I only ask because it’s normal for a girl to want to see what it feels like if she’s never felt it before."
  21. "Yeah, it feels kind of thick and sticky like….well like paste, but it has a smell to it too. Not really a bad smell, just…well…different. I even touched my finger to my mouth and tasted it. The book said that some women swallow it and like the taste. It was quite salty but not bad."
  23. "Did he touch your vagina?"
  25. Again Cindy became bashful. "He did mom. He played with it …kind of like I do with it and I had my own orgasm."
  27. What a brave girl she’d raised. She was proud of her daughter for not being shy about her curiosity and desires. "Cindy, I’m not at all concerned with anything you’ve told me and I know you and Daryl will probably just carry on with your explorations. Do you have any questions about anything you else you saw in the book?
  29. "Well…I guess, but I’m kind of embarrassed I guess."
  31. "Honey we’re both a bit uncomfortable but really, we’re so far into this now we really should just get everything out in the open. I’ve always tried to impress upon you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with any part of sex if you’re ready for it. So shoot."
  33. Cindy looked at her mom and leaning in towards her, with wide eyes she said There were pictures of a girl and the guy had his cock in her mouth. She was apparently doing oral sex. Is that an important thing?"
  35. "It depends on what you mean by important honey." Her mom answered honestly " Remember that first and foremost, sex is for re-creation…you know, making babies so our species carries on. Oral sex is more for mutual pleasure. No pregnancy comes of it."
  37. "Oh…right. But is it important to a boy?"
  39. "Cindy, boys love it when a girl (she had to pause to find an appropriate description) goes down on him and gives him oral sex. To a boy, it shows how much the girl is willing to be totally comfortable with him and though I can’t speak for a boy specifically, I know from experience that they think if feels wonderful."
  41. "Tons of girls at my school give their boyfriends blowjobs mom. I hear them talking. They talk like it’s something they have to do, but they don’t really sound like they don’t like it either. I think it’s pretty common and some girls do it so their boyfriends don’t put as much pressure on them to go all the way."
  43. "It’s certainly a fun way to see how much you arouse your partner, but don’t ever feel you have to do it. That would just take any fun out of the equation."
  45. "Mom….can you..umm…I mean…could you explain how to do it?"
  47. "Well honey, it just kind of comes naturally. Really, as soon as you put him into your mouth, there isn’t a lot you can do wrong. Remember to watch your teeth and remember to make sure you use your mouth to keep things really wet. You just slide your mouth up and down and you can even use your hand on him along with your mouth like your masturbating him into your mouth. There’s a little bit of skin just behind the head of his penis that is very stimulating for him, and you can use your tongue to kind of swirl around it as you suck him."
  49. "Is there a way to know when he’s going to …squirt."
  51. Cindy’s mom thought ‘squirt’ was a pretty good way to describe the event and smiled at her. "That’s a tough one sweety. Sometimes, when you know the person very well, you can tell by the way he breaths or tenses up as he’s getting close. Sometimes he’ll start kind of thrusting his hips and pushing his cock into your mouth. Watch he doesn’t cause you to choke. Really though, it’s best to tell him to warn you so you can make the decision on where you want his cum to go."
  53. "Oh man….do you think I should swallow it?"
  55. "Well, that’s always your decision. Some boys love it when a girl swallows but others like to cum on our breasts or faces. Some girls who have an aversion to the taste of semen will let him cum in their mouth and then either let it dribble out and down their chin, or just discretely spit it out onto him or somewhere else. Cindy honey, you may find that you don’t mind the taste. You might even like it…or get to. Boys do feel more accepted by you if you swallow. At the very least, don’t make faces that show you are disgusted by their cum. Even if you don’t swallow, be loving and encouraging through their orgasm.
  57. Cindy was now giggling. "God mom, what a messy thing sex is!"
  59. Her mother started giggling too. "Oh yeah, it’s really messy, but really Cindy, when you’re feeling all worked up, messy is the last thing you’re thinking about. Honey, are you thinking about having intercourse with Daryl?"
  61. Cindy kind of snapped back to reality at this question and looked doe-eyed at her mom. "God mom, I don’t know! I mean…I get real strong urges when we mess around and I guess I would like to feel his cock inside me but I’m kind of scared about the pain too."
  63. Her mother understood completely. "Hon, if you want to get over the fear of penetration I suggest that you just work up to it by getting him to use his fingers in you. That feels great in itself and you can work your way up from one finger to three or even four. That gets your vagina used to having something in it, and four fingers is about the same size as a penis. Then, when he goes in you, you may only feel a sharp little pinch as his penis passes through your hymen."
  65. Cindy thought about this and took her mother’s hands in hers. "Thanks so much Mom, you made his so easy to talk about and I’ve learned allot. I think I should probably go on the pill. I’m not in a rush to go all the way, but I think I want to. When can we go to the doctor?
  67. Her mom squeezed her hands softly. "Tomorrow."
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