The Boy Who Lived Down...

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  1. Then he pulled the covers back over her and went back into the bathroom to get rid of the rags.
  3. When he walked back into the room he slid in right next to her and pulled her against his chest. It was awkward at first because of her stomach but she adjusted herself and then she fit perfect against him.
  5. He rubbed her stomach liked he usually did before they went to sleep, it calmed her a lot, he noticed that she went to sleep faster.
  7. "I love you Riley," he sighed against her head.
  9. "I love you to Jake," she whispered back. She kissed his chest as she rubbed her thumb over his bicep.
  11. Riley laughed softly to herself.
  13. "What?" Jake asked her, he was amused.
  15. "Who would have thought I would have ended up marrying the boy who lived down the street?" she softly said.
  17. "I knew baby, always knew it was going to be you." he kissed her head.
  19. They laid there, content and happy as there breathing became even and they fell asleep.
  28. Epilogue
  31. Riley woke up again not feeling well, she moved around feeling for Jake and her hands came up empty. Oh, god. Had he left?
  33. She quickly sat up and realized she shouldn’t have done that, her head was now pounding; she sat there waiting for it to go away and waiting for her eyes to adjust.
  35. She looked out the window and saw that the sun was barely rising, she turned to look at the clock on their nightstand and sighed, it was six in the morning. Where was Jake?
  37. She got out of bed and after using the bathroom she grabbed her dark navy blue silk robe and slipped it on. She opened the bedroom door and quickly walked down the hall and descended the stairs and saw Molly sitting on the couch with a bowl of cheerios in her lap. She ate them with her hand as she watched cartoons on the T.V.
  39. She looked up and smiled, "Mommy!"
  41. Riley still couldn’t believe how much Molly looked like her, she had her dimples and smile, her long wavy hair, same creamy skin tone, but her eyes weren’t like hers though for some reason she had Jakes hazel green eyes.
  43. "Hey sweetie, where’s daddy?" she asked Molly.
  45. Riley watched as her daughter thought about it, "I don’t know?’ she answered.
  47. "Ok honey finish your cartoons then its time for school." Riley softly told her.
  49. "Ok, mommy," Molly turned her attention back to the cartoon she was watching.
  51. Riley continued walking and stopped and let out a sigh of relief as she saw Jake sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and reading the news paper, he was in his uniform as usual.
  53. "Thank god," she sighed.
  55. Jake looked up and smiled at her, he was now beginning to get crows feet but Riley didn’t mind, it actually made him look more sexy. "When are you going to realize that I’m not leaving?"
  57. Riley walked over to him and sat on his lap, "When your year is finally up," she laughed.
  59. Jake had one more year of service and then he was done, retired at age thirty-one.
  61. "Well, I’ll be stationed here for the next year, not deployed, I’m not leaving. How many times do I have to tell you that to convince you?" he asked as he rubbed her back.
  63. "Baby I’m trying, it’s just hard to believe that you won’t be leaving and this morning-,"
  65. "You thought I left because I wasn’t there when you woke up?" he sighed. "Molly woke up early and I didn’t want her to wake you so I brought her down here to watch some cartoons." He took a sip of his coffee and then put the mug down. "I know you haven’t been feeling well so I thought you could sleep in for a bit before you had to get ready for work, I even got her dressed and ready."
  67. "Thank you," she cupped his face and kissed him.
  69. Jake couldn’t help himself he slipped his hand under her silk robe and cupped her bottom; he gave it a little tap and groaned as she wiggled her butt against his hard on.
  71. "Not fair," he softly told her.
  73. Riley muffled her soft laugh as she kissed him. "We haven’t had morning sex in a while." She told him in between kisses.
  75. "It’s been three days and that’s not my fault, its your." He told her as he undid her tie, the silk opened up to him, letting him see her flushed breasts and her puckered pink nipples.
  77. She moaned as he cupped her left breast and gently rubbed his thumb over her nipple. He bent down and kissed it, he flicked his tongue over it and groaned as he took her nipple into his mouth and began to suck.
  79. Riley cupped his nape, bringing him closer as she let out soft moans.
  81. Then in a few seconds she was covered up again, her robe tied and Jake had his coffee in his hand.
  83. Then she heard foot steps behind her and knew Molly was walking towards the kitchen.
  85. "I didn’t even hear her," Riley whispered against his neck as she rested her head on his shoulder.
  87. Jake chuckled, "You were to busy moaning."
  89. Riley lightly smacked his chest which only made him laugh again.
  91. "Mommy can I have some chocolate milk," Molly asked her.
  93. Riley sighed as she got off of Jakes lap and walked towards the cabinet to get a small cup, she walked to the fridge and pulled out the milk and in not time she had chocolate milk, she handed it to Molly as watched her walk out of the kitchen. After she put the milk and chocolate powder away she braced her self against the kitchen sink, she still didn’t feel good for some reason.
  95. She felt Jake behind her and then felt his hands untying her robe once more. He kissed her neck and his hands roamed over her hips and waist, were he then cupped her breasts. Riley leaned back against his chest, loving the feel of his hands on her.
  97. Before she knew it she was sitting on top of the counter with her robe wide open.
  99. "Now where was I?" he whispered as he cupped her breasts and brought one to his mouth and began sucking again while he kneaded the other. It felt amazing, his warm tongue on her nipple as he sucked and teased. Then she felt sick, the more pleasure she felt the more sick she got.
  101. She pushed him back and leaned over the sink as she felt it coming only it didn’t come.
  103. "Baby what’s wrong?" Jake suddenly asked her as he fixed her robe.
  105. Riley didn’t honestly know. "I don’t know?" she said as she waited for the feeling to come back. This was the first time she actually felt completely sick the other three days she just didn’t feel good and went about her day just drinking water and crackers trying to settle her stomach, only right now she felt like puking.
  107. "Are you late?" Jake suddenly asked.
  109. "Late?" she asked confused.
  111. "Riley are you pregnant?"
  113. Pregnant? She honestly hadn’t thought about that. It clicked though, everything made sense and she was late by a week but she thought it was because of stress, apparently not.
  115. "Yeah, I think I am." She whispered as she looked into the sink. "I’ll find out in four hours anyways, I have a doctor’s appointment." She made one two days ago because she didn’t know why she was feeling sick, she didn’t know why it wasn’t going away. But she knew now it was morning sickness.
  117. "I hope it’s a boy," Jake softly told her as he touched her stomach.
  119. "What?" she said, he wanted another baby?
  121. "I hope it’s a boy, we already have a little girl and I want a boy." He told her as he stared at her stomach.
  123. "I didn’t even know you wanted another baby," she told him as she turned her gaze back on him.
  125. "Of course I want another baby, I’ve wanted one for the past two years but you were still young, you were young when we had Molly and I didn’t know if you would want another kid so I never said anything." He told her.
  127. Riley didn’t know what to say, she wanted more kids be didn’t tell him because she didn’t know how he would take it, he hated being away from Molly, he missed almost three years of her life and Riley knew how hard that was on him so she didn’t ask for another one because that would have been worse. Not seeing two kids.
  129. "Are you sure?" she had to ask. "You have Connor." She told him.
  131. "Connor is Henry’s boy, a adorable nephew but I want my own little boy Ri." He told her as he looked her in the eyes.
  133. "Besides I think its perfect timing, Molly’s almost six and I’m almost out." he whispered.
  135. It was perfect timing. "What happens if I’m not pregnant?" she asked him
  137. "I still want a baby, I want another one and I hoped to god it’s a boy." He told her as he leaned in and brushed his lips against hers, he gently kissed her and sighed as he rested his hands on her waist.
  139. "Ewwww!"
  141. Jake and Riley both turned their attention to their daughter and laughed as she had a disgusted look on her face, Monster walked in behind her to see what the commotion was about.
  143. Riley sighed as she looked at her husband and daughter; her hands went to her stomach, another baby, she thought. Could her life get any better? She smiled to herself as she stared back at the two people she loved, no wait three people, their was going to be three people she loved, she thought as she rubbed her tummy.
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