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Online marketing for a new...

23rd September 2021 12:49:11 PM | Views: 487
  1. Today we are going to look closer at how you can use online marketing to get more sales in your webshop.
  2. If you have just started a new webshop on the Internet, you would like to have more visitors to it. Today we take a closer look at some of the many sales channels that exist for online stores and webshops, and see which may be relevant for you who have just started an online store, or for those of you who are looking for new opportunities to get more visitors to their digital shop.
  3. But do keep in mind, that before you even should consider looking at the possibilities in online marketing for your webshop, you must make sure that the store is now also able to turn those visitors into real customers. If your webshop is not trustworthy enough, is not optimized for sale (convertionrate optimization), or is it too slow to use, then in many cases it may not be worth it at all to get people to the site. Especially if you have to pay for every visitor. Something which I have seen way to many cases of when with with companies like DTV Transition and similar companies.
  6. Search engine optimization - SEO
  7. Many webshop owners here in 2021, all have an idea that SEO is important and something that they should definitely use as a part of their online marketing strategy. The fact is, though, that for many of these people, it may not make sense at all to start spending too many resources on SEO. But why is that? If you just started a brand new webshop, then it can be a huge job to compete against all the established webshops in your industry, which may have focused on SEO for several years or are big known brands. Nor does it mean that you should completely ignore search engine optimization and not spend any money or time on it. SEO should be a part of your design and should be included in things like landing pages, product pages, category pages, etc. But as a start-up webshop, wait to spend too many resources on getting content written for every little keyword, optimizing backlinks and so on. However, you should as a minimum already before you start the shop get do a good keyword analysis, and use that to build your pages, write your content and all those things.
  10. Paid advertising in form of Google Ads
  11. A good source of traffic for most webshops is of course Google Ads. It's something that the vast majority of online stores at some point use to a greater or lesser degree. Depending on what industry you are in, it can also be a great way to get more relevant customers in, or also something that is way too expensive compared to what you sell. The good thing about marketing services like Google Ads,  is that already a few hours after you have set up a campaign, you can start getting visitors into the web shop, and you only pay for those who then actually click on your ad. It doesn't matter if they buy or not, you still pay per click.
  12. But for most this is the fastest and easiest way to get more customers in your webshop.
  15. Google Shopping - a part of Google Ads
  16. If you haven't heard of Google Shopping is part of Google Ads (though requires a Free Google Merchent center account), and allows you to display your products at the top of the search results when someone does a product search on something you sell. And many cases your product will then be listed among similar products on top of the search results.
  17. If you are among the cheapest on your items, then Google Shopping can be a really good sales channel, and something that you should definitely consider using. If your competitors are cheaper than you, then this may not be where you should throw too much money after marketing. Again, as with Google Ads, you only pay when someone clicks on your product. So it works quit a lot like Google Ads does.
  20. SoMe Marketing - can be great for branding
  21. The vast majority have an idea that social media can be a super source to get more visitors and customers into his website, and in some cases this is also true. The problem with social media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, however, is that when people are on e.g. Instagram or Facebook, then it's to see Aunt Inger's recipe for cookies, or to see your nephew take his first steps - not to do shopping at all. So it takes something extraordinary to change this mindset - e.g. an offer that is far too good to say no to, or a new exciting product that no one has seen before. Therefore, SoMe is also used to a greater extent for branding your company, or building one's social profile, rather than for direct sales. If you can get enough relevant people to follow your company profile on social media, it can be a really good way to get messages like promotional campaigns or product news out to people without paying to much.
  24. Newsletters - can be really useful
  25. If you have a new webshop, then this is probably not where you should start getting sales from. It takes a lot of time to build a good list of subscribers to your newsletter and something that requires constant work and a lot of it. But when it finally succeeds, then newsletters can be a truly awesome sales channel, or a medium to get relevant info out to your customers on. Therefore, you should also from the outset have a plan for how you intend to collect leads for your newsletter and how you will use the newsletter in the future. Even if you don't plan on using it for sales for the first year or so.
  27. Affiliate marketing - an overlooked type of online marketing for webshops
  28. Why even spend time on sales if you can get others to do it for you? That's kind of the idea behind affiliate marketing. Here you offer bloggers / influencers / website owners money to sell your products or a piece of the profit. This typically means that if a blogger who has signed up for an affiliate program sends a visitor to your webshop, who then makes a purchase, he or she will get a piece of the pie. It is typically around 10% of the price. In some industries this may be an excellent sales channel, in others it does not make sense at all. But maybe it's something you should look into? A good place to start could be Tradedoubler.
  30. Discount coupon pages
  31. If you use discount coupons on your webshop at times, there are a large amount of pages around the Internet where you can get your coupons posted and people can get a discount when buying from you. This is also a part of online marketing that many doesn't even consider, and in some niches are really good sales channel if you are willing to give up a bit of profit. Sometimes this is even cheaper than Google Ads or running a social media campaign.
  33. Price comparison pages around the Internet
  34. Just like we saw with Google Shopping, there are a lot of different product comparison sites. One of the best known of these price compare services are pricerunner. If you are the cheapest with a product and have it in stock, then it makes very good sense to add it to pricerunner or similar pages, as more and more people spend a tons of time figuring out where they can buy a product cheapest. You know how cheap people can sometimes be.
  36. This was a little bit about the various options within online marketing for the webshop. Either for you who have just started a shop or you who are looking for new ways to get more visitors to the website. Not all options are equally suitable for all types of online stores, so here it is important to find the sales channels that make the most sense for you and your business. Hopefully you can use some of this info to improve your online marketing strategi and start to get more customers in your webshop.