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  1. I let out a slight moan as my hands ventured south to his muscular ass pulling him even closer. I could feel his hard bugle pushing up against my stomach. He continued to kiss me as both his hands explored my ass and he began to rub my white boy pussy. Our lips separated as he began to kiss my neck. My erogenous zone for sure! I was now panting like a dog in heat, small orgasmic moans escaped me. "yes" I whispered, "yes" again. I was his. He was my black master, he was going to have all of me.
  2. My hands moved to his belt buckle and quickly unlocked it. I could feel his beautiful black cock throbbing for me, I wanted more. I was made to take black cock. With just as much speed I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, letting them fall around his ankles. My hand wrapped around the shaft and began to stoke him, he was hard for me. He wanted to fuck me and own me as much as I wanted him too. I had not even looked yet but I could feel he was huge and well hung. I would not be disappointed. That familiar musky scent was in the air as fell to my knees before him, he was like a God. I was here to worship. I wanted to taste his cock but NEEDED him to fuck me hard. I needed him to punish me with that beautiful cock.
  3. "Oh hell yeah" he moaned as I lifted his heavy cock and began to suck his large balls with my wet lips. My tongue making love to his sack as I sucked each one in my hungry mouth . His large hands in my combing through my hair let me know he was enjoying it. I began massaging the base of his cock with my tongue; I could feel the power as his throbbing cock lay across the soft features of my face. I looked up to him making eye contact as I began to kiss and suckle the length of his shaft. My eyes closed slowly as I lost myself in the pleasure of worshiping his magnificent black cock.
  4. My eyes opened again as my lips wrapped the girth of his massive cock head. We had direct eye contact as I began to suck him into my wet mouth and stroke his cock gently. He rolled his head back and let out a moan. I love watching the length of a black cock as I suck it. My mouth was moving up the shaft of his cock about an inch more with every suction. My mouth was so wet I was leaving a trail of saliva bubbles along the length of his black cock. I could clearly see that I was only able to take about a little more than half of his cock in my mouth. He was not only long but very thick. With my hand I began to smooth my saliva to coat the entire length of his cock and attempted to take him deeper into my mouth. I began to gag, I simply could not take anymore. He was now beginning to fuck my mouth like a pussy. His hands pulling my head closer and his hips thrusting his cock down my throat. "Oh hell yeah" he moaned again, "Suck this dick, I love the way you are slurping my cock." Referring to the slurping sounds I was making while reclaiming the saliva that engulfed his large penis. "Oh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Where do you want me to cum, baby? Where do want me to cum?" I answered by sucking the large black, throbbing head of his cock and masturbating him into my mouth. "I’m cumming! I’m cumming!! Aaaaaahhhh!" he moaned loudly as his cum sprayed and coated my famished mouth. "Ah! Ah! Ah!’ he groaned as more of his cum emptied into my waiting mouth. I could feel his cum mixing with the saliva in my mouth, I could taste the salty almost metallic semen as I began to swallow. I let out a "AHHH!" after I swallowed his spunk right before I began to more gently suckle the head of his still throbbing cock. I needed all his cum. I needed all his cum, I wanted to prove to him that I was not just another white sissy bitch. I was the best. "MMMMM" I purred as I continued giving him head, my tongue lapping up the dribbles of thick sperm. "Damn you give some good head." "mmmm hum" I replied with my mouth full of cock.
  5. I was sucking him hard again. I removed my mouth but continued to slowly stroke the length of his wet cock with my hand. "You like my ass?" I asked while looking up at him. "Are you going to let me see that ass?" he asked. I got up off my knees and stood. I kicked off my shoes and removed my pants as he watched then my shirt. I stood before him wearing only my leather collar which clearly read "Black Owned" and my bright red booty shorts. I turned my back to him, spread my legs, put my hands flat against the wall, arched my back inviting him to view my ass. His cock was at full attention again.
  6. He slapped my ass hard, leaving a hand print. "Oh yes, Daddy! I love that!" I squealed. "You like that, huh? You like being the black man’s bitch, huh?" he said, obviously referring to my collar. "Yes, Daddy. I love it!" I squealed again. " I knew you were a good little white bitch when I first saw you" he growled. "Yes, Daddy!" I replied with lust. He pulled my booty shorts aside and forced a finger into my waiting sissy pussy hole. "Ah!" I yelped. He continued to fuck me with his finger and said into my ear, "You may be owned by another but you are my fucking white bitch right now!" He then removed his finger from my hole and began to rip my booty shorts off me. "Are you ready for this black dick, you white bitch!?" he growled. "Yes, Daddy! I want you to fuck me. Please!" I whimpered. He then forcefully placed his hand on the back of my neck smashing my face against the wall " I don’t give a fuck what you want, whore! You are here to serve that black man! Got it?" "Yes, Daddy! You own me!" I managed.
  7. "Where’s your lube?" he demanded. "Top drawer on the left." I answered. He rifled through the drawer for a second and I heard the bottle lid pop open. I stood there with my face and hands pressed against the wall, my legs spread and my ass out. Ready to be fucked like the good sissy bitch I am. He kicked off his shoes and removed his pants. I could hear his keys and coins hit the office floor. He was behind me now I could feel his thick cock spreading my ass cheeks aiming right for my pink boy pussy. That is a correct description, that is what it is. It is a boy pussy made to be fucked by black men whenever they want it.
  8. With one quick, powerful thrust he was inside me. "AAHHH!" I yelped out as tears automatically began to stream down my face. He grabbed me by the hair pressing my face harder into the wall and said, "Shut the fuck up, bitch! Take this black dick!" "Yes, Daddy" is all I managed to whimper as he began thrusting his cock into my soft, round, white, bubble butt. He still had his hand on my head has he began to pound my ass against the wall. I could only let out gasps and grunting noises as his black cock plundered me. He then put his hands on my hips and pulled me backwards, my hands still flat on the wall. I almost lost my balance a few times, he was pounding my ass so hard. "That’s right, bitch! Take this dick, take all this black dick! At this point he was practically holding me up, my knees were weak, tears streaming down my face and my vision blurred. All I could manage to do hold myself up was hold onto the wall as he punished my ass. With each powerful thrust of his hips all I could manage was to let out a groan of "Ahhg! Ahhg!" "I’m breeding this white ass today! You fucking white sissy faggot, you are going take this black cum!" In my head my brain was screaming ‘YES! YES! YES! Give me all you cum! I am your sissy bitch!’ He continued pounding my ass, punishing me for being a white bitch. My arms were growing weak I leaned against the tall metal filing cabinet. His powerful thrusts were now causing me to move the cabinet, I could hear it rattle as he continued to fuck me furiously.
  9. I could feel his massive black cock stretching me to my limits. I had been shared with many black men but none had ever fucked me like this. It was like a total submission, like I didn’t even own myself anymore, he did. Finally I managed to spew words, "OH YOU FUCK ME HARD! PLEASE FUCK ME, FUCK MEEE!! I WANT YOUR CUM IN ME!! PLEEEAASSEE!!" I screamed out. He continued pounding my soft white ass, his balls slapping my ass, until finally he let out a LOUD groan "AAAAHHHH!!" as he pumped his black seed deep in my sissy boy pussy hole. I was milking his cock with my hole, I wanted his cum. All of his cum. Another deep thrust and then yet another and he was spent. His cock still buried inside me he rested his head against my sweaty shoulder. We were both covered in sweat and breathing heavily. The office was hot and humid and smelled of sex. "That was incredible" I whispered to him or maybe to myself. "Mmmm, damn you are sexy." He answered. "Thank you" I replied then asked, "Do you want to meet again sometime?" "Hell yeah!" he laughed, "I want a lot more of you." I just stood there, my face still pressed against the wall, my eyes closed and smiled. I now had another "Daddy" and he owned me now.
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