Taken out from under me

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  1. I AM NOT a professional author and will relay the story to the best of my ability. I am writing this from my cell phone.
  3.   We were on our way home from a friends house one night. My wife wanted to smoke some weed but didnt have any. I do not smoke. She told me to swing into her friends house and promptly gave me directions.
  5.   When we arrived I was shocked that she knew anyone in this neighborhood. It was run down and there were maybe ten cars parked in the lawn. She then informed me that it was actually her friends brothers house and that she didnt really know him but was told she could get smoke here if she wanted.
  7.   At first I was just gonna let her go in, but I saw that it looked like a rough crowd hanging out front, mostly black. Now I didnt think of myself as racist, but I am not naive and knew how black men love the big booty white woman and Angie was every bit of that. She was wearing tight little cutoffs and a button up shirt with no bra on her 36c tits. NO WAY IN HELL SHE'S GOING IN THERE BY HERSELF!
  9.   As we walked up the stairs past the crowd she was getting all kinds of stares and hoots and hollers, even as I was right there with her. I was mad but what was I gonna do? She knocked on the door and a very muscular black guy with a bandana and no shirt answered.
  11.   "Is Tyrell here?" she asked. She was blushing as she spoke. A sure sign that the sight of this guy was turning her on.
  13.   "Yeah hes here. Who are you baby?" he smoothly exhaled.
  15.   "Im his sisters friend, Angie. I was just lookin for some smoke, ya know?"
  17.   "Well theyre smoking right now babygurl. Last door down the hall on the left. Come on in. You guys want something to drink?" he said.
  19.   "No thanks I just wanna get baked. Ive had a bad day." she scoffed.
  21.   "How bout you man? Want a beer?" he eyed me cautiously.
  23.   "Sure. Why not?" I accepted.
  25.   "Why dont you go ahead and head on down to the smoke room , Angie? Ill get your old man a beer." he said almost in humor.
  27.   She gave me a peck on the cheek and headed down the dark hall and out of sight. I sat down on the couch next to two dudes who were already passed out. The TV was playing Rap videos and was extremely mind numbing after a long day of work. I dont remember ever getting a beer, but I awoke awhile later and looked at my watch. It was almost 2 a.m. The two guys were gone that were sitting next to me.
  29.   I started to get up to find angie when the guy that invited us in came out of the hallway. He was only wearing a pair of boxers and told me that angie had gone on a beer run and would be right back. I said OK and sat back down extremely worried.
  31.   No sooner than i had sat down the front door swung open and in she came with four dudes carrying booze. They were laughing and carrying on and she didnt even really acknowledge me at first.
  33.   "Angie, are you ready to go or what? Im tired." I whined
  35.   "Aww me and the guys were just getting ready to burn one more before we go. Can I?"
  37.   I replied" Yeah i guess. Ill come with ya."
  39.   "Tyrell is a little paranoid of non-smokers," she said" so you just wait here and ill be right back."
  41.   As they walked back to the room i saw one of the guys grabbing her ass as he thought he was far enough into the darkness. My heart sunk. I decided not to make a scene and sat back down and promptly fell asleep.
  43.   I jerked myself awake and looked at my watch. An hour had passed. I asked the door guy where the bathroom was. He said its down the hall but I might want to just go outside or maybe just head home and they'd drop Angie off in the morning. He said she had had too much partying and was out for the count in a small guest room down the hall.
  45.   I played it cool and said id just use the bathroom.
  47.   "suit yourself man." he chuckled
  49.   As I headed down the hall I heard it! The unmistakable sound of my beautifull wife in sexual heat. That BITCH is fucking someone in there!
  51.   "Fuck this I said to the guy as I started out the door. When my eyes adjusted I realized there were still like seven cars there. Where in the fuck is everyone i thought. I walked back in and asked the guy where everyone was.
  53.   "Look man," he said."your wife is beautifull and has a bit of a wild streak that you just aint hittin. ya know? why dont you just have a seat and shell eventually wear out and be ready to go home with you. Trust me he said as he flashed me a view of his 9mm.
  55.   I sat back down with silent tears streaming down my cheeks. I could hear her moaning and cumming. I couldnt breathe and my cock was hard. About ten minutes later the guy said he would go let her know I was up.
  57.   Angie came slowly walking down the hall naked and cum covered. She had hickies and cum running down her legs. She sat down beside me and told me she never meant for this to happen, but when they started smoking she got horney and Tyrell started grabbing her ass. Soon the others were all over her and she couldnt stop.
  59.   "So honey? Why dont you just go home? I want to stay the night with these guys and finish what has started. I wont force you to leave, but I WILL NOT hide my desire from you. If you stay you will have...................ohhhhhh ughhhh" she broke her sentence as Tyrell slipped his big black cock back into my wifes love hole right in front of me. She continued" You will have to watch me get fucked for the rest of the night because I am not gonna stop!"
  61.   "Come on out boys!" Tyrell yelled" that room is way too hot and the jig is up. Lets just fuck this bitch right here in front of her hubby!"
  63.   And out they came. Five, Six, EIGHT! They made me move over to a chair in the corner of the room so they could have the couch to use my wife.
  65.   I lay there that night and was witness to soo much. Double Penetration. Head. Ass to mouth. It didnt even matter to her. As long as they kept pounding her with their big dicks.
  67.   "honey?" she softly said to me."I need you to come here for a minute."
  69.   I slowly shamefully crawled over to her.
  70.   "You need to lick my tiny little pussy now. The one That USED to belong to you. If you ever want it again you will do it. Hurry up though so I can get some more cock in there. when you are done you will leave because I have decided to stay here a couple days.
  72. I licked her pussy then gave her a big kiss. She didnt even look at me leaving. I turned around for one last look and saw she was filled in every way. I left.
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